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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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public health alert for people living in pittsburg and antioch after some problem at the dow chemical plant. >> we're live in san jose where there are a series of community events planned to honor and remember the officer that was shot and killed earlier this week. we'll tell you what is planned later today. good morning. we are live out at the dow chemical plant in that area in pittsburgh. we are there because of public
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health alert issue for people who live near that plant and alex savidge is out there. he'll have more on who is most at risk coming up in two minutes. but the good news is steve told us it's not very windy out there. it's friday though. march 27th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. so that is important. >> very important. breeze at the carquinez bridge. i don't see anything in pittsburg. yesterday was a pretty good easterly breezeing off the higher elevations. we'll have more on that coming up. that will be a cooler pattern coast and bay today. 40s and 50s. mid 50s for some. there are a few more 40s to the north bay. 30s up in the mountain.
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60s down in southern california. the fog though a lot more today than we had yesterday. the ridge of high pressure is moving ever so slightly. a weak little system is bumping it out of the picture. so morning fog. some of that very thick. i know on the golden gate it is very thick. warm away. not as warm as yesterday. it will be in the 70s to near 80. all right sal we have pretty thick fog out there. >> we do. and it's going to be moving around as steve and i have been doing this for a long time. we're professionals at this. [ laughter ] but i will tell you all joking aside please do not use your high beams in the fog. it does not work. it reflects light back on to you. this a look at your commute. it is not foggy here in oakland. southbound 880 traffic is looking good from mccarthur maze. there was a crash reported southbound 880 near one of the
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grand exits. broadway off ramp actually. and traffic is going o be not effected by chp is on the scene. also moving along and taking a look at westbound bay bridge, the traffic here is is looking good. livermore valley this is the commute we use a lot. we see a lot because it is very slow. today it doesn't look that bad as you drive through. a little slow on the altamont pass. the time 5:03 let's go back to the desk. happening right now, we have a health alert. it has been issued for people living mere a chemical plant. alex savidge is live in pittsburg. what are neighbors being told? >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. first of all we understand that there was some sort of relief here at the dow chemical plant in pittsburg. we are told it could cause problems for people living nearby. especially those with
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respiratory sensitivity. people living in pittsburg and antioch are being told to stay inside if you experience irritation to their eyes or throats and rinse any irritated areas with water. we did see a hazardous materials truck from the fire department arrive here at this location. we have not been able to reach anyone with the dow chemical plant thus far this morning. this is video of the plant we are looking at here. this is a level 2 advisory. the county issued this alert at 3:00 this morning. it said that most people will not be effected by whatever has been released into the atmosphere. there have been other health alerts related to the dow chemical plant in the past. in 2003 there was a problem with the chlorine tank. again this morning another alert in place. we are working to find out exactly what sort of chemicals
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might be involved here. >> i know it's early but have we heard weather dow chemical will be holding a news conference or briefing this morning? the only people we have been able to reach is the fire department. we just saw hazardous materials vehicle arrive here at the plant. shocking video from berkeley reportedly showing a community ambassador trained to
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help the homeless. arguing with a homeless man and then punching him. several times. a second female ambassador can be heard giving orders to another homeless man. we take full responsibility for it. >> no ambassador should they will do a better job of screening and training its ambassadors. berkeley police are warning about a recent jump. they are advising homeowners to be vigilant. police are asking everyone to keep their eyes open. be on the lookout for
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suspicious activity. police patrols have increased in those areas. but they still want residents to protect themselves by activating alarms and surveillance systems. locking your doors and windows. two vigils planned tonight for san jose fallen police officer michael johnson. janine de la vega is in san jose with a show of support for his family. j mean. >> reporter: we are here in front of the condo complex where officer mike johnson was shot and killed. neighbors are planning a candle light vigil here at 6:30 p.m.. you can see there is a growing memorial here already honoring johnson. he was killed on tuesday night in an ambush. the number of flowers left in front of the police department has doubled. officers say it's greatly appreciated and helps them.
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there will be another vigil held later tonight at 8:00 p.m. where people will be praying for officer johnson's family and fellow officer. that will be held in the courtyard at city hall. >> our officers here in san jose are in so much pain over it and everybody wants to come out and support them. they are standing right there with them. >> >> reporter: they want to help the family and relieve them from any burdens during this difficult time. while the police department has been grieving, they have still been focusing on the investigation.
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they determine the man responsible for killing john southbound was shot and killed by another officer. back out here live you can imagine these neighbors it's still on their minds and they have to pass by the memorial they have left them and think about what happened earlier this week. pam. >> it will certainly effect the community for a long time. thank you janine. just to give you more information about tonight's memorial for officer johnson at 6:30. the community organization and at 8:00 tonight there is a prayer vigil at the san jose city hall courtyard. mayor sam liccardo says he will make an appearance there and they will hold a larger public service for officer johnson probably sometime next week. an investigation in menlo park is is under way into why a casino tour bus caught fire yesterday. it happened yesterday
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afternoon. the bus was heavily damaged on highway 101. the bus was empty, the driver escaped unharmed. you can see that damage there. the bus was on the shoulder of the freeway but there were huge traffic jams because of that fire. a controversial new law allowing businesses -- indiana governor signed the religious freedom restoration act yesterday. san francisco mayor ed lee responded to the law passage by banning city employees. he is canceling -- meniof had
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sent a letter to governor pence last week urging him to veto that bill. >> the final four scheduled to be played in indianapolis on april 4th. the ncaa released a statement saying the organization is deeply committed to providing an inclusive environment for all of their events. in washington, d.c. the house and senate they are going to have to begin budget negotiations in mid april when they come back from spring recess. that is because early this morning the republican controlled stat passed a budget plan that called for deep spending cuts and repealing president obama's health care law. the house approved a similar budget plan wednesday. the compromised budget talks, when the lawmakers come back are expected to be quite contentious. crazy story we have been
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poll lowing >> she is victimized initially. and then a second time by alleged being a suspect. >> coming up at 5:30 what denise how's dense and her boyfriend are doing to prove they are innocent. >> but first a real life romeo in the south bay kicked out of school. after the break we will tell you the stunt that made the principal angry. >> we are looking at a foggy commute. the fog is moving around. usually we can see more of the east shore. now we can only see a few bits of it. that might impair your visibility. >> there was no fog yesterday. if you were down toward gilroy and said it feels like 90. it was.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. san jose police have arrested a man that knocked a teen analler unconscious in the parking lot of valley fair mall. facing a felony battery charge. now police say he and another man were exchanging gestures with a group of teens in the mall on march 11th when they reached the parking lot police say wynn punched 17-year-old christian knocking him to the ground but police are also saying that the attack was not
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gang motivated. now his father says his son woke up for the first time on wednesday. he is still in intensive care but stable at this point. a 13-year-old boy from martinez is in juvenile hall accused of stabbing a classmate at school. the seventh grader used a knife to stab a fellow student inside the boys locker room. according to authorities the victim an 11-year-old was stabbed once in the back. he was air lifted to the hospital and is expected to be okay. investigators are looking into what led up to the stabbing. the school district superintendent says the attack seems to have been provoked. >> we don't know what caused the it. that is part of what the investigation is here to do. >> now the boy turned himself into school officials. he is being held at juvenile hall on charges with assault of a deadly weapon. the days are numbered for
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the cash strapped doctors medical center after a big district. the district's board voted last night to start closing the public hospital on april 21st unless a last minute turn around can save it. this comes years after financial losses. the hospital has been open for more than 50 years. they blame the financial problems mainly on low reimbursement rates on medical and medicaid patients. no little notes. you know. according to the mercury news. miguel gonzalez road a horse on to campus. but he knew he was in trouble.
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the principal suspended gonzalez saying the horse posed a serious risk to other students. he can return to school on monday. he will be allowed to go to prom. but he decided he's an old fashion cowboy is his move. >> it's a one-time thing. come on. we can't interfere but it's memorable. >> i'm glad he is getting to go. time is 5:18. sal, what do you think? >> i went to my junior and senior prom. yes. >> you weren't that dramatic? >> no. i think it was just conventional. good morning, everybody. let's go out and do you remember your prom? oh boy. let's take a look at what we have with the morning commute. this is a look at the commute now on the san mateo bridge. it looks pretty good but steve and i have been telling you about the fog. the fog is something that is not everywhere. you can see how clear it is. in fact, i can see all the way out to the high-rise on this live picture of the san mateo
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bridge. bay bridge toll plaza there was no fog last time we saw it but it tends to move around. just nearby there is fog reported and we saw it on the east shore freeway. fog on the golden gate bridge and some other areas. please be careful if you are driving. visibility may be low. let's go to the altamont pass. westbound 580 already some slow traffic as you drive to livermore. there is no problems on interstate 680 so far leaving the dublin pleasanton area. it's 5:19. [ inaudible ]
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it felt like summer yesterday. it was nice. the coast warmed up. there was a tiny bit of fog that hung on to parts of the san mateo coast but it didn't matter in san francisco or oakland. but it does today. when that fog decides to come back, it comes back in a big way. monster ridge of high pressure. it is moving slightly. that is allowing the door to open up to slight sea breeze. weak little system will approach and cool us down. 40s and 50s on the temps. bodega bay should be about 52. they are right about where they should be. yet san francisco buoy and monterey are running about 2-4 above. and then get inside the bay there is 60s. alameda harbor is in the 60s. northwest 13 sfo. hayward has a northwest. yesterday they had an east breeze. look at the temperature deference. minneapolis 18.
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chicago 23. omaha 22. just incredible. and look at the line, you can see are it goes. diving in. i will tell you the pattern just simply doesn't change. some of this has turned to snow. it's rain in boston. there are reports of snow in connecticut. just around hartford as well. look at this system coming down. it's light snow in chicago. st. louis is getting snow right there. that is the issue. that has been carving itself out. the ridge of high pressure drives down that cold air even though we are getting late into march. 32 in truckee. blue canyon 56 warm degrees. fog is there. it's shallow so it won't make too much of an impact inland. that fog will travel up north bay. but the ridge of high pressure will weak an little bit today. yesterday was the warmest day of the week. record setting. 89 in santa cruz yesterday. 90 in gilroy. 85 san jose. mountain view 84. it will be a little cooler going into the weekend but we will settle in with temperatures. it will still be above average.
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morning fog. more 70s than the 80s. there will be a couple of low or soft days coming down a good 5-10 degrees from yesterday. 60s over by the coast and san francisco. temperatures will continue to just settle in. maybe a little cooler early next week but nice weekend expect for the fog. >> all right, thank you. time is 5:21. and some bay area restaurant workers did detective work after a negative yelp review. coming up in 20 minutes the evidence they dug up that they say proves the customer was lying. >> searching for stolen cars. the clues that led investigators to a chop shop ring and cars dumped in the bay.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. new york firefighters still putting out hot spots at that charred apartment building in manhattan's east village where a gas explosion and massive fire yesterday leveled a fire- story building and injured 19 people. the neighbors describe the chaos. >> we live right next door. we are getting ready to go to the gym and heard a big boom and run outside and people are running down the street. there is shattered glass everywhere. a guy is on the fire escape trying to knock into windows. >> trying to rip people out of the building. the whole thing exploded. >> incredible.
5:26 am
hundreds of firefighters are still at the scene this morning. this may take days to get that fire completely under control. dive teams are searching the waters off point richmond looking for stolen cars and boats. police believe a chop shop ring has been stripping cars and boats for cars and dumping whatever is left into the bay. the contra costa county da's office says the first clues came after two men tried to steal a boat. the boat's owner described their getaway vehicle. they made arrests and recovered 21 other vehicles. >> it is very stupid. you have these valuable cars $10,000-$14,000 they are being stolen and chopped up for a couple hundred dollars in cash. time is 5:26.
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still more on that plane that crashed intentionally in the french alps. investigators still trying to figure out why. up next the possible red flags we're learning about in the pilots past. >> we are live in vallejo where attorneys for denise huskins says she has been victimized twice. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute that is still very foggy in some areas. absolutely crystal clear here on highway 4 bay point but you see slow traffic already on some points of this commute. we'll run it down coming up. >> the fog has returned. yesterday it didn't matter. temperatures sored up to record levels including san jose 85. it will be cooler today.
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they are absolutely wrong. >> there has been nothing presented to me or to my partner that in any way justifies their calling it a hoax. >> lawyers coming to the defense of their clients after police called their kidnapping story an orchestrated event. ktvu tara moriarty will have a lot more about the strange new twists in this case coming up in just a couple of minutes. welcome to friday morning, it's march 27th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 5:30 is the time. it was a little hot yesterday. a little cooler with the fog. >> record setting hot. what is new? >> we're in the middle of summer. >> pretty much. we just heard from christie. she is one of our loyal viewers. she goes the fog is back and i can hear the fog horns. that was not the case
5:31 am
yesterday. speaking of that blanket of fog. my goodness. there she be. this is going to cool down coast and bay. even inland areas will come down. there will still be a lot of temperatures that are well allove average. a lot more 60s and low, low 70s. 40s and 50s on your temps. a few more 40s in the north bay. a few more. northwest 13. yesterday was an east -- south lake tahoe at 33. we are good to go for inland temps but even with sunshine they will cool down. morning fog it will be warm away but not as yesterday. we will see how the weekend will shape up. 60s and 70s. all right sal you see that fog? steve, did i see the fog? >> that one shot of it. there is a big blanket of it. >> moving around as you know. i was being sarcastic.
5:32 am
i drove into a little fog myself. the fog moves around. i don't have to tell all of you. steve has trained me well. and just from my days of flying, fog moves around. especially when we get up when the sun comes up. let's take a look at some of these things. we may be driving in crystal clear weather and then driving in thing to. don't use the high beams. they don't work, they make things worse. right now at the bay bridge toll plaza there is a 15-20 minute delay. the metering lights should go on any time now between now and 5:45. steve and i will stay on it and let you know where it is foggy. we're hoping far friday light
5:33 am
commute. so far it's not too bad. we do have stop and go traffic on westbound 580 coming into the livermore valley. the rest of it looks good. it's 5:33 let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. more twists and turns in a reported kidnap for ransom case out of vallejo earlier this week. police call it a hoax but attorneys say it was real and now they are fighting back. ktvu fox 2 tara moriarty is joining us from the home where all of this started. you say the couples lawyers are going after the police department. >> reporter: yeah the attorneys for denise huskins and aaron quinn say they will fight to clear their name. last night around 5:00 denise huskins emerged from the vallejo police department after hours of questioning. investigators shielded her after portraying her two days ago as a faker.
5:34 am
>> she sticked to the story by being kidnap and then being a suspect by the vallejo police department who issued a very nasty press release. >> reporter: huskins claims the kidnappers freed her near her parents home. quinn's attorney says they have cooperated with the fbi and police. >> we understand the pressures that are on the police department and the fbi to solve this crime. on the other hand there seems to be a stream of blatant lies coming out about our client, about the victim, and about what has been going on. >> reporter: quinn's attorney says their client sub submitted a blood test, under went 17 hours of interrogation and is
5:35 am
with his family now. he would in the say where huskins is now staying only that she is distraught physically and emotionally. still a lot of questions obviously for the police department. live from vallejo i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> funk for that up s a a couple of homey lores were canceled -- >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. we can tell you the situation is all clear here at the dow chemical plant. as a matter of fact, we are talking with the spokesperson for dow. he just came out here to brief us on the situation. there was a chemical plume of
5:36 am
some kind that was released into the air. here is john. >> reporter: we have a lot of professionals out there that take care of this stuff. so it was pretty quickly contained about 10:00. >> in higher levels are these dangerous chemicals? >> they can be. very, very high levels that can be dangerous. >> reporter: what caused the plume to be released? >> we do not know. >> reporter: three or four different chemicals released? >> yes. >> reporter: you say this is a level two. >> the biggest concern was if the chemicals would have drifted into the community. we did not detect anything leaving the site at all. >> reporter: how many monitor sites do you have? >> i do not have that
5:37 am
information. it was community wide alert. >> reporter: how often are alerts like this put out? >> very, very seldom. i can't remember the last time it happened. >> reporter: how many people would be involved in the internal shelter in place? >> reporter: okay so again to recap there was a chemical release of some kind at the dow chemical plant until pittsburg. an alert was put out to neighbors to be aware there was chemicals in the air. the situation is all clear. they say there was no longer any chemicals we leased. we'll send it back to you for now. >> that is breaking news. you brought it right to us live. thank you. we are learning more about the co-pilot who appears to have deliberately crashed that
5:38 am
plane with all of those people on board. now yesterday german police searched the home of andras. he took control of the germanwings flight, locked the pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed that plane. six years ago he received treatment for a serious depressive episode and spent 18 months under going treatment. they found a medical leave note from a doctor issued for him. they did not say whether it related to a florida or mental healthish -- related to a physical or mental health issue. now following the news about the actions of livitz.
5:39 am
following 9/11 u.s. airlines made a policy that whenever the cockpit door is open, flight attendants must create a barrier between the cockpit and passengers. and if a pilot has to leave to use the bathroom, a flight attendant must take his or her seat in the cockpit. pilot testing also being looked at. eight now psychological -- etc. crew can report problems. they say is in this cast. harry reid announced he would not seek reelection. reid made the announcement on
5:40 am
youtube. >> i've had time to ponder and think we've got to be more concerned about the country, the senate, the state of nevada, and then us. and as a result of that, i am not going to run for reelection. >> senator reid has led the senate democrat since 2005. his departure will create an opening at the top of the senate democratic hierarchy. senator reid suffered serious eye injuries in an exercise accident. 5:40 is the time right now. cheating claims at stanford. the investigation under way after the school received an unusually number of claims of academic dishonesty. >> an attempt to scare a teenager straight has one man in hot water.
5:41 am
up next how his plan to dress up as a cop to keep a teenager from smoking pot backfires. >> we're looking at the east bay commute. we'll take a look at this commute and also a look at bay bridge. >> and speaking of the bay bridge, there is a lot of fog that is rotating around. much more today than yesterday. not as warm today. it will be cooler.
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it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand. some san francisco sheriffs deputies were put on administrate leave. they were accused of running a flight club.
5:44 am
one inmate told a public defender the deputies forced his son to fight another inmate in the seventh floor jail of the hall of justice san francisco public defender jeff adachi played an audio interview. now according to the inmates, the deputies would gamble on the flights. the u.s. attorneys office is being asked to investigate now. ricardo garcia has been reassigned to a new jail.
5:45 am
the lawyer insists inmates were never forced to fight. he accuses public defender jeff adachi of conducting a cursory sham investigation. changes are coming to a california law that bans registered sex offenders from living near schools or parks. the state supreme court ruled the restrictions imposed by voters in 2006, go too far. going forward the corrections department says the restrictions will only apply to pedophiles and those that commit sex crimes against children. until now it applied to all sex offenders. parole agents will have to make the decision on a case by case basis. a minnesota teenager accused of impersonating a police officer now finds himself on the wrong side of the law. a reporter confronted 18-year- old andrew benson and his mother earlier this week and told him benson is facing a criminal complaint. back in january benson accused
5:46 am
of dressing up as a police officer and arresting a 13-year- old boy. the boy is claiming benson read him his miranda rights. put him in a car and drove him around the neighborhood. and once in the car the boy had a convolution. >> it says you tried to intervene. >> i haven't read this. >> i just think that we need to look at this. >> in that complaint benson is quoted saying he thought it would be funny to scare the child into doing drugs. a bay area restaurant has determined that the negative comments were a lie. now according to wonderful restaurant in millbrae this void owe shows yelp reviewer dan w walking to the restaurant and looking around and leaving again. but on yelp he amounged he walked in and the waiter came up and he said he wanted a
5:47 am
table for one. the waiter walked away. time is 5:47. let's check with sal. i know you are watching highway 24 and you're also watching for fog as well. >> that is right highway 24680 and highway 4 not looking too bad when it comes to the morning commute. or starting with highway 4t you can see traffic is looking good through the area. it looks good all the way out to the caldecott tunnel and we haven't had any major problems. let's talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is doing very nicely here until you get to about the over crossing of # 80 and then it slows down. it's not effected by traffic by accidents on the bridge or stalls. as we look at san jose, the
5:48 am
road sensors are showing us pretty good traffic. after that it looks good into mountain view and sunnyvale. we are off to a decent start. we've had a couple of things. right now you have a window of opportunity to get out there. 5:48 let's go to steve. we have a lot of fog returning today. that was not the case yesterday. there was some on parts of the coast. by the afternoon hours all of it had retreated well out to see a tiny bit. hung on to the san mateo coast but not enough to impact. it was a record setting day. there was a lot of fog over oakland and san francisco. some of the fog horns are sounding. the fog will make for a cooler forecast. even though the ridge of high pressure is dominating. it is massive. 40s on some of the temps. 50s for upper 50s. mountain view and san jose in there. 48 novato. santa rosa has dipped to 46. northwest sfo and northwest hayward. hayward had an easterly breeze. that is where all of that fog
5:49 am
got chewed up. 60s down in southern california. 28 truckee. blue canyon is 56. i just heard from michael 63 warm degrees. the warmest low temperature since last fall. that is just incredibly warm. a little cooler though coast and bay with 60s there. water temps pretty mild. the fog will be back. it does look cooler early next week. >> the breeze has picked up in
5:50 am
pittsburg. the lengths officers went to stop to that car. >> but next wrestling stars bringing some major cash to the bay area. just how big of a deal wrestle mania is expected to be for the south bay bottom line.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:53. north bay school district taking a historic step to protect student athletes. members approved a plan to use more expensive infill made of cork in the fields at sebastopol high school. now it's a move praised by both parents who raised health concerns about the schools current turf fields that are made out of recycled tires. the crumbled rubber contains carcinogens. >> other districts are going to
5:54 am
be having this. happening today dozens of people are planning to take a stand against the expansion of the oak okay land zoo. the zoo is planning to add more exhibits and part of that plan includes cutting down more than 70 trees in nolan park. protestors say the plan would impact the ecosystem and threaten animals that live in the park. a bear that traveled through the streets of tracy finally back in the wild this morning. for the past few days the bear was seen getting hit by a car actually. taken a stroll through a strip mall and running through neighborhoods. but on wednesday the search ended when a woman called 911 to tell authorities the bear was if in her tree. workers used a tranquilizer gun to get her done.
5:55 am
wrestle mania. people can meet their favorite wwe stars and get autographs and check out memorabilia. the four-day wrestling spectacular expected to be real money. 200,000 people are expected to go to the events from yesterday through sunday. projecting the financial impact to be well over $100 million.
5:56 am
last three wrestle manias have generated at least that much. but the last one in new orleans topping 140 million. they are treating this event as practice run for next years super bowl. >> definitely. coming up next in our 6:00 hour. the community will come together tonight to remember the san jose police officer killed in the line of duty. we're going to have a report on the event that are honoring michael johnson. >> developing news in davis. police out there at the scene of a five hour standoff. it has turned into a double homicide investigation. >> we're looking at the north bay commute including the golden gate bridge where fog is kind of dense here as you drive to the toll plaza but the traffic still looks good. find out how the other bay area bridges are doing. >> fog didn't matter yesterday. a bunch of record highs. but today we have a little different pattern.
5:57 am
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the vallejo police say it was an orchestrated event but attorneys for denise huskins and aaron quinn are fighting back saying the alleged kidnap
5:59 am
for ransom was not a hoax. >> shocking video from berkeley. the punishment handed down after an ambassador is seen attacking a homeless man. good morning. we are live in san jose. you can see the memorial continues to grow. this is the neighborhood where veteran police officer was killed this week the community will pay tribute tonight. we have more on how officer michael johnson will be honored coming up in a few minutes. though a lot of people want to take part in honoring him and his family. good morning. thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson is talking about breezes and fog. >> the fog is back. it's really thick. sal will touch on that briefly. did my computer load? i don't think it loaded. can we take a live shot while i
6:00 am
load that? there we go. thank you. hold on there. >> should we talk about this pretty shot? >> this is the old loading strick. >> the old loading trick. yes. >> all right there we go. some of the low clouds and fog. some of that fog is really reducing visibility. especially on the golden gate bridge. it will be cooler. still temperatures will be above average. big, big ridge of high pressure and dives down extremely cold air for march down into


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